Should content be written in English or translated from Vietnamese to English?

Many enterprises have grown and approached global clients in addition to the home market. Therefore, many users are interested in having English content on the website. Should I develop the website material in English from the beginning or translate it from a Vietnamese article?

The modern marketing trend is to write stuff in English, which has numerous advantages

Benefits from building English content

Online businesses prosper with a huge number of customers in the internet world. It seems there are domestic customers, but there are also numerous international customers. As just a result, English is extremely important.

Many businesses have concentrated on building and extending their business with foreigners on their webpages. Therefore, creating material in English to promote brands and sell is essential.

Creating English-language material to assist firms in expanding into international markets

Reaching out to customers all around the world with appealing English ingredients, similar to Vietnamese content, generates a lot of interest. The content built on the website, the information to refer to, will pique the interest of any user.

Businesses will reap huge benefits from writing articles in English. That is, to enhance revenue from sales operations conducted through the website with customers in other nations.

This also enables firms in expanding their customer base outside a single country. Especially when the online business sector in Vietnam becomes increasingly competitive. New brands will confront lots of challenges for small enterprises.

Should I write English material from zero or should I translate Vietnamese stuff?

It is preferable to write English material from scratch rather than translating from Vietnamese articles

Nowadays, deploying English content is essential to a company’s success. However, not every corporation has a dedicated department to handle the responsibility of creating new English content.

Many people choose to translate Vietnamese content into English to save money on services and to obtain the content in English in a short amount of time. However, this is not always practical, and there are other drawbacks.

Content conversion from Vietnamese to English takes a long time as well. It will also make the information to be deceptive for individuals who do not have a high level of English, since it will not ensure the correct style, making it difficult for readers to access.

Even when the material is not appealing, the fragmentary style makes it tough to retain readers in Vietnamese articles. As a result, using direct English material will be more useful and ensure the article’s freshness on the website.

Articles in English are produced by native English speakers who ensure proper grammar and style, making them appealing to foreign readers. It will be easier and more convenient to approach overseas customers from there.